Booking Appointments

  1. ALL booking will be done online. The appointment times shown in the calendar are all of the times available, I won't be able to open up additional times for those that call or text.
  2. Book your future appointments now. To get your ideal appointment time I'd recommend booking 2-4 weeks in advance.

Safety Requirements

  1. I will wear a mask, and all unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a mask while in the studio.
  2. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the studio and surfaces are sanitized regularly.


I do the
types of things salons do. Like hair cuts, color, highlights, and high fives.



Women's Style Cut
Men's Style Cut
Child's Style Cut
(12 & Under)



Partial Highlight
Full Highlight
All Over Color

$40 & up
$60 & up
$50 & up


Revitalizing Masque
Intensive Masque



Facial Wax

book now

$15 & up

Hair products that do what they say.

I pick my hair products because they do what they say they are going to do (they work), without weird chemicals, and without creating excessive waste.

Davines is eco-friendly, innovative, and it smells really good.

Neuma is vegan, and it just works great. It cleanses without stripping, it moisturizes without being heavy. They don’t try to be too fancy, they just make a great product.

Just looking to book? you can do that here.