Booking Appointments

  1. ALL booking will be done online. The appointment times shown in the calendar are all of the times available, I won't be able to open up additional times for those that call or text.
  2. Book your future appointments now. To get your ideal appointment time I'd recommend booking 2-4 weeks in advance.

Safety Requirements

  1. I will wear a mask, and all unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a mask while in the studio.
  2. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the studio and surfaces are sanitized regularly.


I may or
may not have makeup on,
I might be wearing my winter hat,
but I can do
your hair
damn good.

You can come
in however you feel coziest too.


What I love about doing hair

is that it’s different all the time. I get to tailor a persons outward appearance to how they feel on the inside. Someone’s hair can offer a positive change in how they think and feel about themselves. That’s something I enjoy being a part of. Also, I love talking to people all day…
so that’s a plus.

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It’s adorable
in here.

We call our space a “Hair Studio” because it’s not like a normal salon. It’s an old diner that we prettied up. The studio consists of me, Katie (Sharp Corners) and Jenny (The Black Wren). We work together to keep the space rolling, but we are separate businesses sharing the space. It’s like a salon co-working space, that can only fit two of us. It’s cozy like that.

I want to have pretty, alive plants (or pretty-alive plants) but they all die.

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Sharp Corners gifts

There is an assortment of fair trade, local, handmade jewelry, other gift items like prints, posters, enamel pins, and whatever else we think is fun.

Bonus, we have more than just hair stuff.

Just looking to book? you can do that here.